Excelsior Hotel Myanmar

Excelsior presented a unique opportunity to infuse some playful creativity into a genuine colonial British design situated in the heart of Yangon, Myanmar.

During the era of British rule, Yangon thrived as a pivotal hub for finance, politics, and administration. The city was a major exporter of oil, cotton, rice, and timber, attracting foreign businesses like Steel Brothers, whose offices adorned the urban landscape. These colonial-era structures, surviving the ravages of World War II, stand as poignant reminders of a glorious bygone era.

Our collaboration with Excelsior encompassed the creation of a remarkable set of amenities and a comprehensive approach to the property’s identity and marketing materials. Drawing inspiration from the machinery and print processes inherent to both the historical era and the building itself, the visual identity mirrors simplicity and tactility through texture and monochrome visuals. Crafted as a business hotel, the tone-of-voice is formal yet direct, resonating with the distinguished charm of Excelsior

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