Union Square

Union Square, a timeless city landmark, has undergone changes over the years, yet remains a central destination. Welcoming a new generation of visitors, the site continues to thrive, strengthened by our partnership with the management team.

Teaming up with Essential Management Group, we crafted a unique brand and customer journey, blending the building’s history with a modern, fashion-forward approach to luxury shopping. The result captures the essence of Vietnam’s rich history and contemporary style.

Referencing Saigon’s typographic history and current trends, we created a bold graphic identity for communications, including a striking icon representing one of the city’s iconic colonial structures. The responsive website design features distinct background colors, offering a fresh experience with every visit.

With the rebrand complete, new high-end shops open monthly across six curated floors, setting a global standard. Union Square caters to Vietnamese and international customers with premium to luxury brands, ensuring each visit is a unique, multisensory experience.

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